CISSP Exam Study Guide For Security Professionals: NIST Cybersecurity Framework, Risk Management, Digital Forensics & Governance (Paperback)

CISSP Exam Study Guide For Security Professionals: NIST Cybersecurity Framework, Risk Management, Digital Forensics & Governance By Richie Miller Cover Image
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If you want to become a Cybersecurity Professional, this book is for you


In this book you will discover:

Baseline Configuration, Diagrams & IP Management

Data Sovereignty & Data Loss Prevention

Data Masking, Tokenization & Digital Rights Management

Geographical Considerations & Cloud Access Security Broker

Secure Protocols, SSL Inspection & Hashing

API Gateways & Recovery Sites

Honeypots, Fake Telemetry & DNS Sinkhole

Cloud Storage and Cloud Computing

IaaS, PaaS & SaaS

Managed Service Providers, Fog Computing & Edge Computing

VDI, Virtualization & Containers

Microservices and APIs

Infrastructure as Code (IAC) & Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Service Integrations and Resource Policies

Environments, Provisioning & Deprovisioning

Integrity Measurement & Code Analysis

Security Automation, Monitoring & Validation

Software Diversity, Elasticity & Scalability

Directory Services, Federation & Attestation

Time-Based Passwords, Authentication & Tokens

Proximity Cards, Biometric & Facial Recognition

Vein and Gait Analysis & Efficacy Rates

Geographically Disperse, RAID & Multipath

Load Balancer, Power Resiliency & Replication

Backup Execution Policies

High Availability, Redundancy & Fault Tolerance

Embedded Systems & SCADA Security

Smart Devices / IoT & Special Purpose Devices

HVAC, Aircraft/UAV & MFDs

Real Time Operating Systems & Surveillance Systems

Barricades, Mantraps & Alarms

Cameras, Video Surveillance & Guards

Cable Locks, USB Data Blockers, Safes & Fencing

Motion Detection / Infrared & Proximity Readers

Demilitarized Zone & Protected Distribution System

Shredding, Pulping & Pulverizing

Deguassing, Purging & Wiping

Cryptographic Terminology and History

Digital Signatures, Key Stretching & Hashing

Quantum Communications & Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Quantum Computing, Cipher Modes & XOR Function

Encryptions & Blockchains

Asymmetric/Lightweight Encryption & Steganography

Cipher Suites, Random & Quantum Random Number Generators

Secure Networking Protocols

Host or Application Security Solutions

Coding, Fuzzing & Quality Testing

How to Implement Secure Network Designs

Network Access Control, Port Security & Loop Protection

Spanning Tree, DHCP Snooping & MAC Filtering

Access Control Lists & Route Security

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Firewalls & Unified Threat Management

How to Install and Configure Wireless Security

How to Implement Public Key Infrastructure

Data Sources to Support an Incident

How to Assess Organizational Security

Detection and Analysis

Test Scenarios & Simulations

Threat Intelligence Lifecycle

Mobile Device Management

DLP, Content Filters & URL Filters

Key Aspects of Digital Forensics

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

Business Impact Analysis

Identification of Critical Systems

Order of Restoration

Continuity of Operations

Privacy and Sensitive Data Concepts

Incident Notification and Escalation

Data Classification

Privacy-enhancing Technologies

Data Owners & Responsibilities

Information Lifecycle


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