CISSP Exam Study Guide: NIST Framework, Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity Governance (Paperback)

CISSP Exam Study Guide: NIST Framework, Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity Governance By Richie Miller Cover Image
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If you want to become a Cybersecurity Professional, this book is for you
If you are studying for CompTIA Security+ or CISSP, this book will help you pass your exam. Whether you want to become an Infrastructure Engineer, IT Security Analyst or any other Cybersecurity Professional, this book will certainly help you get there


In this book you will discover:

Secure Networking Protocols

Host or Application Security Solutions

Coding, Fuzzing & Quality Testing

How to Implement Secure Network Designs

Network Access Control, Port Security & Loop Protection

Spanning Tree, DHCP Snooping & MAC Filtering

Access Control Lists & Route Security

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Firewalls & Unified Threat Management

How to Install and Configure Wireless Security

How to Implement Secure Mobile Solutions

Geo-tagging & Context-Aware Authentication

How to Apply Cybersecurity Solutions to the Cloud

How to Implement Identity and Account Management Controls

How to Implement Authentication and Authorization Solutions

How to Implement Public Key Infrastructure

File Manipulation & Packet Captures

Forensics & Exploitation Frameworks

Data Sanitization Tools

How to Apply Policies, Processes and Procedures for Incident Response

Detection and Analysis

Test Scenarios & Simulations

Threat Intelligence Lifecycle

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

How to Implement Data Sources to Support an Investigation

Retention Auditing, Compliance & Metadata

How to Implement Mitigation Techniques to Secure an Environment

Mobile Device Management

DLP, Content Filters & URL Filters

Key Aspects of Digital Forensics

Chain of Custody & Legal Hold

First Responder Best Practices

Network Traffic and Logs

Screenshots & Witnesses

Preservation of Evidence

Data Integrity

Jurisdictional Issues & Data Breach Notification Laws

Threat Types & Access Control

Applicable Regulations, Standards, & Frameworks

Benchmarks & Secure Configuration Guides

How to Implement Policies for Organizational Security

Monitoring & Balancing

Awareness & Skills Training

Technology & Vendor Diversity

Change Management & Asset Management

Risk Management Process and Concepts

Risk Register, Risk Matrix, and Heat Map

Regulatory Examples

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

Business Impact Analysis

Identification of Critical Systems

Order of Restoration

Continuity of Operations

Privacy and Sensitive Data Concepts

Incident Notification and Escalation

Data Classification

Privacy-enhancing Technologies

Data Owners & Responsibilities

Information Lifecycle


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