Trust in personal and social lives a psychological inquiry (Paperback)

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Lao Tzu reflected that "He who does not trust enough, will not be trusted." While Phish in Farmhouse said, "Each betrayal begins with trust." How contrary at a meaning level yet in common sense, we know both statements have spoken of the reality that we live in.

Each time an act of humanity occurs to each time a deviation occurs in human relationships, trust seems to be that 'something' that is evoked either in its absence or in its presence. Trust traverses the grounds of internality and externality in extremes. When all is smooth sailing, it is so taken for granted that it sort of becomes the background score of life, but when trust is broken, it is almost as if a ship has capsized by a huge wave, shaking the very notion of a relationship, it is under threat and is threatening everything.

In human life, there are many sites where trust plays a crucial role, a role more often highlighted when there is difficulty in establishing trust or when trust is breaking. Trust can be seen a currency for successfully navigating human life. Trust is commonly seen as a key enabler of cooperation, motivation, innovation and processes of transformation.

To create a good or 'functional' family, parents try to establish mutual understanding and build trust with their children. Newly married couples attempt to develop trustworthy relationships, learning how to rely on each other in their marriage. Managers are concerned with building trust among team members with a goal to maximize group potential. Market researchers examine consumer loyalty and trust in brand names. Policy makers measure confidence in government and state policies to learn about public attitudes towards the state.

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