Psychological correlates of social intelligence an exploratory study (Paperback)

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Social intelligence was defined as the capability to form relations with other people, as well as intrapersonal intelligence. It is also potential to understand other person's feelings, temperaments, effective social behaviour, ability to empathize, and understanding for nonverbal cues during interaction. Therefore, researchers have explained that social intelligence comprises skills far more than general intelligence.

Dewey was the first psychologist who used the term "social intelligence" in 1909 in his book written by him- "Moral Principles in Education". Dewey has defined this concept as "the ability to observe and understand social situations". Thorndike first proposed the concept social intelligence in 1920. Thorndike defined it as the ability to achieve interpersonal tasks. A definition was given by Edward Thorndike "the ability to understand and manage men and women and girls, to act wisely in human relations". Thus, by above definition, Thorndike associates both cognitive and behavioral areas, meaning it is the capability to comprehend other people and also to react towards them or deal with them.

Three forms of intelligence were given by Thorndike.

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