Pretty Boys: Legendary Icons Who Redefined Beauty (and How to Glow Up, Too) (MP3 CD)

Pretty Boys: Legendary Icons Who Redefined Beauty (and How to Glow Up, Too) By David Yi, David Yi (Read by), Paul Tuller (Illustrator) Cover Image
By David Yi, David Yi (Read by), Paul Tuller (Illustrator)
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In this inclusive, illustrated history and guide to skin care and beauty, journalist and founder of Very Good Light David Yi teaches us that self-care, wellness, and feeling beautiful transcends time, boundaries, and binaries--and that pretty boys can change the world Chanel and Goop might have seemed ahead of the curve when they launched their men's beauty and wellness lines, but pharaohs were exfoliating, moisturizing, and masking eons earlier. Thousands of years before Harry Styles strutted down the red carpet with multicolored fingernails, Babylonian army officials had their own personal manicure sets. And BTS might have become an international sensation for their smoky eyes and perfect pouts, but the Korean Hwarang warriors who put on a full face before battle preceded them by centuries. Pretty Boys unearths diverse and surprising beauty icons who have redefined what masculinity and gender expression look like throughout history, to empower us to live and look our truths. Whether you're brand new to beauty, or you already have a ten-step routine, Pretty Boys will inspire and teach you how to find your best self through tutorials, beauty secrets, and advice from the biggest names in the beauty industry, Hollywood, and social media. From Frank Ocean's skin-care routine to Clark Gable's perfectly styled hair, Rami Malek's subtle eyeliner to a face beat to the gods la Boy George or Kimchi the drag queen, K-Beauty to clean beauty, Pretty Boys will completely change the way we all see gender expression and identity.

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ISBN: 9781799968672
ISBN-10: 1799968677
Publisher: Hmh Adult Audio
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2021
Language: English