Land of Giants: The Biggest Beasts That Ever Roamed the Earth (Hardcover)

Land of Giants: The Biggest Beasts That Ever Roamed the Earth By Clive Gifford, Howard Gray (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Clive Gifford, Howard Gray (Illustrator)
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Discover the biggest creatures to have roamed the Earth, past and present, from the outright biggest - such as the colossal blue whale and the dinosaur Argentinosaurus

"The clear organization and bite-sized chunks of information make this quite accessible to young lovers of animals past and appealing collection for readers who like superlatives."--Kirkus Reviews

"Even the most enthusiastic animal or dinosaur fan will find much new to wonder about in this well-illustrated informational book about weird and wonderful big beasts. Divided into three major sections-- 'Forests and Plains, ' 'Rivers and Seas, ' and 'Giants of Today'--....A solid purchase with broad appeal."--School Library Journal

In addition to the largest animals on Earth, discover species that grew to monstrous sizes compared to others of their kind, such as the giant kangaroos of Australia, otters the size of wolves, and Argentavis, a giant bird with a wingspan almost as long as a bus

You'll meet the giants of the jungle, desert, swamp, sea, ice, and sky through vibrantly illustrated scenes of them in their natural habitats, and compare the size of these humongous creatures to humans. A gatefold spread unfolds to reveal a line-up of all the giants featured in the book, to scale, while a visual timeline shows when they roamed the Earth.

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ISBN: 9781783128501
ISBN-10: 178312850X
Publisher: Welbeck Children's
Publication Date: October 4th, 2022
Pages: 64
Language: English