The Y Chromosomes (Paperback)

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In the Year 2085, because of pollution of the environment and food chain, the world population is now fifteen percent male and eighty-five percent female. With marriage being abolished, love is lost between men and women. The only thing left is passion and need. Women are angry that they can expect no help from men for support of themselves or their children. Passion is lost, they now need men only to reproduce. With a technique called ovum fusion, they can take two ova from two women to make a female child with two mothers and no father. They no longer need men, so they get rid of them. Stewart Vaughn and fifteen men use sixteen hijacked NASA cryogenic units to escape to the future. Two hundred eighty-six years later, Stewart Vaughn and ten other male survivors are rescued from cryogenic sleep. How will a single gender human race, all female with no memory of men, treat them.

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ISBN: 9781778830082
ISBN-10: 1778830080
Publisher: Bookside Press
Publication Date: January 23rd, 2023
Pages: 322
Language: English