Weaving Two Worlds: Economic Reconciliation Between Indigenous Peoples and the Resource Sector (Paperback)

Weaving Two Worlds: Economic Reconciliation Between Indigenous Peoples and the Resource Sector By Christy Smith, Michael McPhie Cover Image
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The resource sector must embrace Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples

Much of the land, the waters, and all that lived upon or in them is, or was once, under the stewardship of Indigenous Peoples. But when it comes to resource extraction, Indigenous communities have often paid the highest price, and received the least in the way of benefit. That's changing, and quickly. Today and in the future, the involvement in and views of Indigenous communities for any large-scale proposed development project are critical.

In Weaving Two Worlds, Christy Smith and Michael McPhie offer insights, knowledge, and guidance from their decades of work between resources companies and Indigenous communities. Smith and McPhie offer two voices from two worlds-Indigenous and non-Indigenous-to show how the resource sector can play a meaningful role in advancing Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Using powerful case studies, personal stories, guidelines, and tools for reflection, they offer an invaluable guide for understanding decolonization and becoming an ally. You'll gain practical skills and tips on how to build meaningful, mutually productive relationships with Indigenous Peoples, from initial consultation to project planning and development.

Weaving Two Worlds offers a practical roadmap to a future in which Indigenous rights are fully acknowledged, both in law and in practice. Whether Indigenous or non-Indigenous, we breathe the same air, drink the same water, and rely on the Earth to provide for our well-being. We all have an opportunity to move forward and repair the harm of biases and colonial practices, and work to realize a sustainable future that benefits all of humanity.

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ISBN: 9781774582640
ISBN-10: 1774582643
Publisher: Page Two Press
Publication Date: March 1st, 2022
Pages: 186
Language: English