Tear's Behind the Smile: What Happens behind Closed Doors doesn't Define You (Paperback)

Tear's Behind the Smile: What Happens behind Closed Doors doesn't Define You By Joké Hoetmer Cover Image
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"Your past does not define you, as your journey can only prepare you for the purpose in your life."

Jok has written and published this book, as she is no longer looking back with tears, but with a smile and hope, as she walks into a far better brighter future. Now not looking over her shoulder, but focusing on the road ahead.

Through many parts of her life Jok suffered physical, mental and emotional abuse from the men she had in hindsight, put her hope and trust in.

Jok had allowed Shame and Blame to take residence in her home, her life and her future.

However she found the will, and the power to choose Hope over despair, the Power to let go of the past, and to develop her inner Resilience, she kept fighting one more round, finding her 'Purpose Boots' to get where she is today, finding love and laughter, and the desire to help others on their own individual journeys.

To help abused women and men to finally stop, and look in the mirror, and declare a new way of living, developing the inner resilience to find their very own 'Fightback Muscle', and putting back the smile in their hearts, with no more tears behind their smile. No more pain to barely survive, but allowing themselves to heal their brokenness.

Knowing they have value, and are loved, and nothing that has happened to them has to define who they are, having perhaps lost their right to speak out about what truly is happening behind closed doors.

Could it be the time for the women and men who read about Jok's journey, to step out of their past, learn to live again, and to fully embrace life, to become true to themselves?

Jok is a woman with a past, and hope for the future, and now leaving a trail of HOPE by sharing her journey for others to follow.

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ISBN: 9781739207205
ISBN-10: 1739207203
Publisher: Joke Hoetmer
Publication Date: December 1st, 2022
Pages: 222
Language: English