The Road To Joy and Happiness How To: Develop Life-Changing Habits, Change Negative Behaviors, and Create The Life You Want (Paperback)

The Road To Joy and Happiness How To: Develop Life-Changing Habits, Change Negative Behaviors, and Create The Life You Want By Byron Pulsifer, Catherine Pulsifer Cover Image
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It's easy to become overwhelmed with negative thoughts and emotions that can lead to unhappiness and distress. But what if you could implement certain habits which could help you develop a habit of joy and happiness?

Through this book, you will have a better understanding of how to find joy and happiness. This powerful guide to life-changing habits shows you how to break out of old patterns of negative behavior and cultivate new ones that will help bring more joy and happiness into your life every day.

This book reveals 19 practical and life-changing habits, along with a special 21-day challenge, to help you find joy and happiness. Maybe you already have some of these habits, but maybe you don't, or you are missing other key habits. By cultivating certain habits (one, two, or more), you can open the door to a life of joy and happiness.

It's like having a collection of maps for different places. No matter which map you look at, it will show you the same destination, but each map offers a unique route to get you there. The 19 key habits are like a map that can take you down this rewarding road, allowing you to uncover greater joy and happiness in all aspects of your life.

Within its pages, the following key elements are discussed:

  1. Developing Resilience
  2. Embracing Spirituality
  3. Eliminating Negative Self-talk
  4. Overpowering Imposter Syndrome
  5. Setting Healthy Boundaries
  6. Success
  7. Surmounting Circumstances
  8. Hard Work
  9. Knowing Yourself
  10. Overcoming Worry
  11. Why Mindfulness
  12. The Truth About Money, Wealth
  13. Benefits of Ethics, Morals
  14. Banish Fear of Failure
  15. Using Time Wisely
  16. Not Blaming Others
  17. Age Doesn't Matter
  18. Incorporating Smiling, Laughter
  19. Beneficial Friendships

Developing life-changing habits is an achievable goal and doesn't have to be daunting. There is no one path to joy and happiness, but a combination of elements.

It may seem like an impossible task, but with dedication and effort, you CAN travel the life-changing road to joy and happiness.

Don't wait. Start today.

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ISBN: 9781738758357
ISBN-10: 1738758354
Publisher: Pulsifer Books
Publication Date: March 22nd, 2023
Pages: 100
Language: English