Computer Vision for Beginners: Theory and Applications Using Python (Paperback)

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Computer Vision Textbook for Beginners with 3 Hands-On Projects
Are you ready to crush your Computer Vision career goals?The recent advances in the field of computer vision have simply been astounding. In less than a decade, the rate of accuracy for object identification and classification has risen from 50 percent to 99 percent. Today's systems are, in fact, more accurate than humans at swiftly detecting and responding to visual inputs.
The emergence of deep learning and the advent of very large datasets in recent years have led to an increase in the number of computer vision applications. Against this backdrop, it's worthwhile to add computer vision knowledge to your data science arsenal. Now is the perfect time to enter this dynamic field.
Computer Vision with Python for Beginners presents you with a hands-on, straightforward approach to learn computer vision fast. The step-by-step format of this book makes learning computer vision simple, fast, and easy. The exercises at the end of each chapter test your knowledge of the concepts you have covered. They also help you apply what you have learned.

This book presents you with:
  • A solid foundation in computer vision.
  • Knowledge of elementary and intermediate topics.
  • Basics of coding in Python.
  • Links to additional content related to the topics you study.
  • Access to external files to train and test all the knowledge you have acquired about a computer vision tool.
  • Three mini-projects in the concluding section of the book that help you to bring together all the theoretical concepts you've learned.
You begin with Python installation in the first chapter. Then you have a crash course in Python in the second chapter. Jumping straight to Python quickens your learning and makes it simpler to follow along. Throughout this book, the code is written using Jupyter Notebook. Access to the datasets used in this book is easy.
In the final section, you work on three hands-on mini-projects:
  1. Detecting Hand Symbols for Rock, Paper, Scissors Game
  2. Covid-19 Detection from X-Rays
  3. Detecting Weather from Images
The scripts, images, and graphs are clear. They are designed to help you understand the visuals to the text description easily. This book is the perfect option for self-study, even if your proficiency is at the level of an intermediate learner.
You can tackle new computer vision problems confidently and develop complete solutions at your workplace. Finally, you can count on this learning by doing book to accomplish your computer vision career goals faster.
The topics covered include:
  • Introduction to Computer Vision
  • Environment Setup & Writing Your First Program in Python
  • Python Crash Course
  • Basics of Image Processing
  • Basics of Video Processing
  • Face Detection with OpenCV in Python
  • Introduction to Machine Learning for Computer Vision
  • Introduction to Deep Learning for Computer Vision
  • Transfer Learning for Computer Vision
  • Object Detection with YOLO
  • Introduction to GANS
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