Azhana: The A Mutator (Paperback)

Azhana: The A Mutator By Deborah Dunn, C. L. Kagmi Cover Image
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Azhana knows she is special. The other children look up to her as she tells stories of fantastic adventures and great deeds. But her parents aren't always happy about Azhana's energy. They're terribly afraid that someday she'll get hurt while trying to make these adventures a reality.

When Azhana's sense of adventure leads her high into the mountains and she becomes lost in a snowstorm, it seems her parents' worst fears have been confirmed. But Azhana survives - and with her a baby eagle, who she saved from the freezing winds.

When disaster strikes, the clan's children are left alone with only Azhana and the frail old medicine woman to guide them. Realizing that their parents might be in danger, Azhana mounts a rescue mission to help the grown-ups and ensure the clan will survive the winter.

Can Azhana and her eagle sister lead the clan's children to success, saving their people against overwhelming odds?

This is a Genetic Eve story: a story of what life might have been like for the first girl born with a new mitochondrial DNA mutation. You can learn more about Azhana and other mutators by going to

Product Details
ISBN: 9781733636384
ISBN-10: 1733636382
Publisher: Genetic Eve
Publication Date: December 21st, 2020
Pages: 154
Language: English