Adventure Devos: Youth Edition: Summer Camp never has to end when your devotional takes you adventuring all year long! (Paperback)

Adventure Devos: Youth Edition: Summer Camp never has to end when your devotional takes you adventuring all year long! By Eric Sprinkle, Sam Evans Cover Image
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"With Jesus, you have no maximum velocity. No fear of missing out"

Welcome to Biblical truths and Godly wisdom, all illustrated with adventure activities like hiking, biking, rafting, climbing, and potentially being chased by ravenous wolves. Welcome to the same great devotions, same great insights and applications as the original Adventure Devos, but now...geared towards teenagers who love adventure too. Adventure Devos: Youth Edition

Exciting photos of adventurous activities? Check. Tackling topics like thought-life, temptation, and getting caught up in our possessions, with examples from caving, surfing waves, or rappelling off cliffs? Check. What about, dealing with pressures or loving my siblings, along with swift-water rescue? No worries, it's there too.

Escape plans for temptation, appreciating teachers, handling change, encouraging others, and dealing with anxiety, busy schedules, or racy Instagram posts. Along with reading your Bible, self-control, and being kind to Future You, they all come alongside facial wounds, runaway horses, blood-sucking leeches, and more.

Unique to our devotional, you not only get the exciting photos and crazy adventures, but we also offer challenging, everyday applications relating to the truths you just read. And yes, we actually Dare you to take them on Examples include -

- Pick 3 things you love. For 3 days this week, give one up for each day - Pray for your future roommate - Do a 'good deed' for someone that will not benefit you - Compliment your mom in front of others - Tell your Coach or Youth Group leader you appreciate them. Today - Unless it's immoral, unethical, illegal, or life-threatening, say "yes" to everything for one day -

No fear of missing out here. Nope, you even get room to dream up new adventures and record them for later in life. Oh yeah, the tone is conversational, the adventures are relatable and the dares are just downright fun.

Adventure Devos: Youth Edition. The excitement of summer camp just came to everyday

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