A Love So Devoted: Historical Western Romance (Paperback)

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When Dessie Lewis comes to Rusk, TX, after several years away at La Casta eda Harvey House in Las Vegas, NM, working to send money home to her struggling family, she's dismayed to find that there's now a wide gap between herself and her parents.

Even worse, Sawyer Devoe shows up, the man she loved and left behind--and it doesn't look like he's going to be put off a second time.

Sawyer Devoe let Dessie go because he knew her family needed her help. But he never stopped loving Dessie, even when she insisted he forget her. That was never going to happen.

Where else would he find a woman who could outride, outrope, and outshoot him, not to mention someone with her beauty, intelligence, and courage?

When Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving declare that they'll be making one last cattle drive, marking the end of an era that is now increasingly defined by cars, trains, and planes, Fred Harvey offers to cater this last historic drive. Given that Dessie is a legend on horseback and lives and works right in Las Vegas,

where the cattle drive will pass through, it makes perfect sense that she should go on the drive.

What she doesn't expect is for Sawyer to insist on coming along. But when danger suddenly envelops the cattle outfit, threatening multiple people's lives, will Dessie be glad for Sawyer's presence?

Will the former couple find a way to reconcile their now wholly different lives?

Will, they solve the mystery and survive?

And if they do, how will their faiths fare at the end of the trail?


BOOK 1 A Love So Legendary

BOOK 2 A Love So Untamed

BOOK 3 A Love So Faithful

BOOK 4 A Love So Unstaged

BOOK 5 A Love So Miraculous

BOOK 6 A Love So Healing

BOOK 7 A Love So Bold

BOOK 8 A Love So True

BOOK 9 A Love So Devoted

BOOK 10 A Love So Eternal

BOOK 11 A Love So Courageous

BOOK 12 A Love So Enchanting

Historical western romance short story series.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781718165182
ISBN-10: 1718165188
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 15th, 2018
Pages: 120
Language: English