Children in Action Motor Program for Preschoolers (Champps) (Paperback)

Children in Action Motor Program for Preschoolers (Champps) By Paddy C. Favazza, Michaelene M. Ostrosky, Melissa Stalega (Contribution by) Cover Image
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Want an innovative way to get young children moving--and support development across multiple domains? Discover CHAMPPS, the fun, effective, and research‐based motor program for inclusive preschool classrooms. Filling the need for a school‐based motor program designed for children with diverse abilities, CHAMPPS uses universal design for learning strategies to increase all children's physical activity while supporting key school readiness skills, including social, language, and pre‐academic skills.


  • Builds essential motor skills. Through fun motor play activities, CHAMPPS teaches and reinforces key skills that are building blocks for many areas of development.
  • Strengthens school readiness. CHAMPPS builds in suggestions for developing school readiness skills across multiple academic and social‐emotional domains.
  • Engages every child. CHAMPPS uses UDL strategies to support the participation of all children--including children with disabilities, who often have motor delays.
  • Reflects evidence‐based practices. CHAMPPS is rigorously researched and informed by guidelines from NAEYC, DEC, SHAPE America, and other leading organizations.
  • Fits into any classroom or program. CHAMPPS is flexible and adaptable, with sample 21‐ and 28‐week schedules that help you adjust lesson frequency and length to suit your needs and the needs of the children in your care.
  • Complements other curricula that are widely used in early childhood settings, including AEPS‐3.


  • Charts with ideas for incorporating UDL strategies and school readiness skills
  • Activity variations to support inclusion and child engagement
  • Home Activities that enable families to do CHAMPPS activities at home
  • Walk‐Around Cards that summarize activities for quick reference during lessons
  • Visual Support Cards with illustrations that model key movements
  • Skill Leveling Guide for determining a child's skill level and modifying instruction
  • Wall posters that list the activities and songs in each CHAMPPS unit for easy reference
  • Guidelines for choosing books, videos, and classroom materials for motor activities

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