NASA Graphics Standards Manual Remastered Edition (Hardcover)

NASA Graphics Standards Manual Remastered Edition By Tony Darnell (Illustrator), Tony Darnell (Editor) Cover Image
By Tony Darnell (Illustrator), Tony Darnell (Editor)
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The NASA Graphics Standards Manual: Remastered Edition is a modern spin on the original NASA Graphics Standards Manual published in 1976 and puts it into a new and clean format. Using high-resolution scans of the original book, over two-hundred man-hours were spent in recreating and remastering the original drawings with very fine details. This book is not in the same format as the original, as the original manual was in a binder. However, much care was taken in ensuring the correct image and font proportions were used. The original double-spread pages were reformatted to fit onto two single facing pages. Photos from the original book were replaced with the original photos sourced from the NASA library, and missing photos were replaced with similar photos obtained from the NASA library.

This edition is published with the highest quality print-on-demand techniques along with the most vivid color, and printed on thick 70 lb. paper. Fine type sized as small as three point Helvetica is still legible, and the reproduced drawings are clean and crisp. If you are a fan of NASA, then this book is a great addition to your NASA library.

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ISBN: 9781680920789
ISBN-10: 1680920782
Publisher: Paul A. Darnell
Publication Date: December 10th, 2017
Pages: 116
Language: English