The Hormone Puzzle Method: Solving Infertility Workbook: Includes The Complete Hormone Puzzle Cookbook along with over 100 additional recipes and (Paperback)

The Hormone Puzzle Method: Solving Infertility Workbook: Includes The Complete Hormone Puzzle Cookbook along with over 100 additional recipes and By Coach Kela Smith Cover Image
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This Textbook contains the Complete Contents from Kela's Hormone Puzzle Online Course, which sells for $997 Are you looking for a natural way to get pregnant or are you currently struggling to get pregnant and western methods are not your "thing" or simply have had no results? The Hormone Puzzle Method - Solving Infertility has been the solution for thousands of women all around the world.The hormones in our body are a puzzle and I have made it my life mission to solve this puzzle for you. Hormones can be the cause ...and cure to many things you may be struggling with, not just infertility but also unexplained weight gain or inability to lose weight no matter how "healthy" you eat, low energy or fatigue, dull skin, brittle hair and nails, hot flashes, sleepless nights are only of the few symptoms that may indicate we need to solve your Hormone Puzzle.Hormones are the chemical messengers in the body that control every cell from how you look, how you feel, to how your body functions. When they are out of alignment, it can cause your body to work against you, instead of with you.I have developed The Hormone Puzzle Method - Solving Infertility to show you how to put the pieces of your infertility hormone puzzle back together so you look and feel your best and are able to create a healthy baby ...even if you have tried everything else. Even if you have had failed fertility treatments and none of the traditional methods are working, this workbook will be your answer.This workbook is 100% compatible with my online program, where you get my personal support but the book will work perfectly for you without the online program as well.This book will take you through actionable chapters and the power is in to take guidance and do the action steps at the end of each chapter. The workbook is set up to be used as your journal as you move through your fertility journey. Doing the simple action steps and following the method each week will be the difference between this method working for you or not.In this workbook you will learn about: -Proper intentional nutrition for boosting fertility. Recipes that are delicious and easy to prepare, complete with meal plans.-Understanding supplements and how they are used in conjunction with your balanced nutrition. -Zapping stress so you learn how to relax naturally which will put your body into the optimal state for conception. -Zzzzzz's; how sleep is just as important as what you eat.-Love and encouragement from a coach and mentor, and this method will help you mentally and emotionally get ready for pregnancy and birth. -Exercise and movement - the last piece of the hormone puzzle and my tried and true methods for gentle, restorative exercise that will make you feel amazing.-The workbook is set-up in a way it will serve as a solid program that will give you easy and actionable steps to make an infinite change in your life.The Hormone Puzzle Method has been used by thousands of women around the world to put their hormone puzzle back together and to boost their fertility so they get pregnant naturally even if other methods have failed.Are you ready to see how this method can work for you and give you the baby and life you so desire?It's time to put your body into the optimal state for conception and get you pregnant once and for all. Let's do this, Momma.*Compatible with Coach Kela's Online Program:*

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