Beguiled (Paperback)

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* When the darkness of despair casts shadows on life, the spark of hope flickers, just waiting to burst into flame once more.*

Zann Blackseed is the huntsman for the king of Evandorm in the land of Mura. Zann has the power to shapeshift into a white wolf, and does so to help in the hunt. But when the king decides to send Zann to hunt in the forests of Glint, things take a nasty turn. Glint is one of the magical realms on the other side of the mountain. While in his shapeshifting form of a wolf, Zann is struck by an arrow and wounded. Little does he ever expect to see that a beautiful wench shot him, and that she happens to be the elven queen of this magical land.

Lira Pentstone is the widowed queen of Glint, troubled by the fact a portal keeps opening and a dark man is trying to abduct her young daughter. When she stops a wolf from hunting in her forest, she discovers it is really a man. Having heard of the Blackseed brothers and their experience with other portals, she requests his help. Zann has no desire to help her or to have anything to do with elves or portals. But when a pesky elven sage tricks them, Lira and Zann end up married to each other. Each of their lives is about to change forever.

Can war between the realms be stopped using magic that turns into a threat for all? And will a magical portal be the obstacle or the solution that will save or doom a hastened marriage between a shapeshifter and an elven queen?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781648393242
ISBN-10: 1648393241
Publisher: Oliver-Heber Books
Publication Date: December 6th, 2022
Pages: 310
Language: English