J and R Gumshoe Kids - Time to Go (Paperback)

J and R Gumshoe Kids - Time to Go By Laurel Bromfield Cover Image
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Jinxy and Ryan prepared a celebration picnic, rejoicing in the triumphant return of John back to his own time, the Civil War era. While exploring the same area where they first met John, she found words carved into the tree and an arrow pointing to the ground. After some digging, Jinxy found a note inside an old tin can asking for help as John was in trouble yet again. Thus began a new adventure to save John. But how? John lived in the past.

Jinxy and Ryan embark on a courageous journey back in time in the riveting sequel to The Lost Boy.

To accomplish time travel, Jinxy decides they need to build a time machine, something which no one has ever done before. Despite Ryan's objections, Jinxy begins to search for parts and solicits the help of an old friend who owns a junkyard. Facing ridicule, they keep their real reason for the time machine a secret. As their quest unfolds, they befriend the help of a genius and his professor. Knowing they only have a few weeks before school starts, they go through trials and tribulations to prepare themselves for an expedition of a lifetime, traveling in time.

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ISBN: 9781648015151
ISBN-10: 1648015158
Publisher: Newman Springs Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: November 17th, 2020
Pages: 190
Language: English