All My Love, From the Trenches (Paperback)

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All My Love, From the Trenches written by Reilly Vore follows two families, the Perrys and the Harlows, as they face the beginning of World War I. Samuel Perry must find his place in a changing society while Lillian and James Harlow wrestle with their duty to family and the isolation of being left behind.

Samuel Perry has spent his childhood on and around the Harlow estate, with his sister Nellie close behind. The three Harlow boys, Daniel, James, and John, became his brothers while Lillian Harlow became his dearest friend. But when war threatens a changing world for them all, each one is faced with a difficult choice.

To stay or go?

To follow family duty or their own path?

To confess the feelings that have grown since childhood or bury them completely in the trenches?

With letters keeping them all together, the questions only grow, the days and months drag on, and one year turns to the next. The Perry and the Harlow children soon find that no one is safe from the grip of World War I, and each one is left wondering if they'll make it out alive.

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ISBN: 9781637304303
ISBN-10: 1637304307
Publisher: New Degree Press
Publication Date: August 23rd, 2021
Pages: 224
Language: English