The Gospel According to Shaggy (Paperback)

The Gospel According to Shaggy By Craig Vetters Cover Image
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If you are now or in the past been a pet owner, then you know a little about this book. Shaggy was a rescue dog. When we adopted him, he was about a year old, fully house broken and ready to go. It was during one of his many, many walks that I noticed his mannerism reflected things found in the scriptures.
He never met a stranger and always seemed to reach out to those down on their luck or just lonely. Shaggy was the true ambassador where ever he happened to be.
I have laughed myself silly watching him track down a squirrel or mole and return to the house with his trophy of the day. Full of pride, tail high in the air at least until he would lose some tail under a rocker strutting like he was the king. Then in a moment's notice, be sensitive to someone's need.
This is his story that he left me to be part of. I know you will never look at your pet or someone's pet in quite the same way. You see they are really talking to you. I hope that you will begin to take notice of what they are trying to tell you.
Now you are invited to come along with Shaggy and become part of his story. Blessings.

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ISBN: 9781635755824
ISBN-10: 1635755824
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: May 10th, 2017
Pages: 88
Language: English