Chasing Utopia: The Evolution of Tyranny (Paperback)

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Madness has besieged America as it descends into its French Revolutionary epoch. Lawless, immoral civilization destroyers called American Marxists drive this plague. In order to understand America's plight, it is necessary to understand where this all began and where it is going.

The chase to collectivize society began in Sparta and was championed by Plato, who inspired future rulers, setting off a ripple through time. Unfortunately, tyrants parried Plato's brilliant insights for his extreme political positions.

Over the centuries, men like Hobbes, Rousseau, Marx, Gramsci, and others constructed social contracts to control the people as the mind controls the body. All power would derive from the Sovereign, forcing people to obey their collective masters in the quest for equity. This became a blueprint for tyranny.

American Marxists are cut from the same cloth as past utopian chasers, threatening to enslave the American people and destroy the Republic. The American people face political, economic, and cultural oppression as Marxists attempt to abolish Natural Law, Natural Rights and destroy any semblance of constitutional protections.

Unless Patriots can steer the ship of state back to first principles, lifeboats must be launched to set sail for higher ground.

JAMES COGAN earned his Master of Political Science from Liberty University, graduating with the highest distinction.

He is a Socratic thinker and athlete. He enjoys traveling, appreciates nature and animals, devotes time to learning Spanish, and is endlessly curious about the world and ideas.

James is a Patriot who believes in the essence of America's original mission. A limited, checked government designed to guarantee freedom for all citizens as they strive toward virtue and the pursuit of happiness.

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Publication Date: April 14th, 2020
Pages: 330
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