The Suicide Hotline Mystery (Paperback)

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Pamela Hillan and Penelope Dyan, lifelong friends who used to like to pretend they were in a Nancy Drew book when they were kids, are back again, all grown up (and then some); and they are still pretending And this is exactly why the Jan and Jenny books continue to be written and why they began
Penelope Dyan became a teacher, a published writer, a vocalist, and a mother and an attorney, while Pamela Hillan became a mother and a court reporter . . . and then finally, everything went back to what it was before all of that happened; and the Jan and Jenny books were born, beginning with their very first book in this series, "The Mystery On Burgundy Street".
It was their combined lifelong experiences, and their great desire to do good in this world, along with their love for the law, and their deep concern for others that led to the creation of this latest book in the Jan and Jenny Mystery Series, and to each and every book in this series
This is the twenty-third book in this series; and our heroines, Jan and Jenny (as usual) are out to save the world This time, they stumble upon a nefarious fentanyl drug distribution ring that is much larger than they think. And (as it turns out) once again, nothing is as simple as it seems, not even the so-called distribution of prescription medicine. And Jan and Jenny are about to find out (while volunteering to answer suicide hotline phones) the depths of depravity to which evil, greed and profit can bring simple human beings, and why FBI attorney Ms. Wright is called to the scene of the crime once again with her team, along with the DEA, the CIA, and the local police.

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ISBN: 9781614775836
ISBN-10: 1614775834
Publisher: Bellissima Publishing
Publication Date: March 18th, 2022
Pages: 98
Language: English