Dog Is God Spelled Backwards (Paperback)

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God is always speaking to us, but most of the time we just aren't listening. We either don't discern His voice or we just ignore Him when He does speak. Far too often, He has to use various ways of getting our attention. In my situation, He chose to use what I cherished the most--my dogs--to make me aware of His Love and Goodness. God speaks in the most unusual, extraordinary, and sometimes funny ways. He speaks the loudest during our times of pain and suffering when we need Him the most. Too often, I experienced pain and unnecessary loss because I ignored Him when He spoke. It was during a traumatic event that it finally dawned on me how long He had been trying to get me to tune my antenna to His frequency, which resonated on the wavelength of my heart. There is no static on His frequency, there only was on mine. I finally figured out that by clearing up the static on my channel, I would always receive clear signals from His transmitter and ride upon His wavelength. By obeying and following His instructions, I can experience more joy, instead of pain or loss. The second lesson I learned was to never give up on praying. Praying is the direct channel into God's throne room of grace and mercy, from which He transmits the signals of love that broadcast answered prayers and instructions. It has been through my journey with dogs that He transmitted the most, because they were the bandwidth on my radio receiver that I operated on. He created them, so He can use them in whatever capacity He chooses. They were just one way He chose to show me how much He really loves me. I just needed to listen and then obey Him.

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ISBN: 9781613791578
ISBN-10: 1613791577
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: March 17th, 2011
Pages: 192
Language: English