Sophia and Cassius (Hardcover)

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Fantasy, time travel, reincarnation, war, and romance in an ancient historical setting!

Explore a captivating retelling of well-known stories in "Sophia and Cassius," a novel by Anna Canic. Weaving a tapestry of religious, philosophical, and esoteric themes, this gripping story throws new insight into the lost paradise and the fall of ancient civilizations.

Meet Sophia, the first woman - one of strength, intelligence, willpower, and kindness. Sophia, the one who has given the world the gift of writing, is terribly in need of love. But her quest for the ideal partner takes a different turn, involving death, three millennia, and a rebirth as the Roman princess Julia Drusilla. However, the story goes beyond just a simple love tale. Sophia is thrown into the role of leading an epic battle between Good and Evil in her newfound existence. With the help of friends from many backgrounds, bold Drusilla unravels schemes and exposes the deceptions of the enemy. A fascinating cast of biblical and historical characters, such as Mary Magdalene, Seneca, and Boudicca, are introduced in the story.

Julia Drusilla breaks the stereotype of suffragettes while honoring the feminine ideal. Her natural order and inner revolutionary spirit create a complex picture that defies simple labels. In addition to time travel, Anna Canic's book offers an in-depth look at love, bravery, and the never-ending conflict between good and evil as seen through the eyes of a wonderful woman throughout history.

About the Author

Anna Canic was born on April 14, 1987, in Odessa, Ukraine. By profession - a philologist-translator, by vocation - a writer, poet (sometimes even a songwriter), playwright, journalist, and critic. Currently living in Pireaus, Greece, and working as a publicist in tourism. Her works were published on the pages of magazines, anthologies, and almanacs in Poland ("Akant", "Eneidrion", "Katamaran Literacki"), Serbia ("Odiseja", "A Too Powerful Word"), USA ("Spillwords"), Spain ("Love in Summer", "Winter: November to December"), Greece ("????", "Eirini"), Romania ("Taifas", "ECreator"), and Ukraine ("Litavria"). She is the author of the historical novel “ Sophia and Cassius” (originally published in Croatia), vice-editor-in-chief of two Polish magazines on art and culture (“ Moja Przestrzen Kultury” and “ Dziennik Teatralny” ). She is fluent in 6 languages.

Praise For…

"Anna Canić has approached an era that is often overlooked—the post-Augustine Roman Empire—with a fresh approach that incorporates mythology, a dose of spirituality, and the very real reactions of characters that are well-drawn, three-dimensional and, in their own way, relatable to the modern reader." —Greg Fields, American writer and editor 

"I definitely recommend Anna’s novel as an escape from the long nights ahead—however, I can’t promise some sleep won’t be lost over those nights once you let Drusilla’s story consume you. Consider yourself warned." —Lucie Polok, Bookofeel UK 

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ISBN: 9781592113781
ISBN-10: 1592113788
Publisher: Addison & Highsmith Publishers
Publication Date: February 6th, 2024
Pages: 400
Language: English