Modern Slavery (Hardcover)

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Slavery is a phenomenon that appears to interfere with neither the daily lives of most people nor with their contemporary worlds.
For many, the term ‘ slavery’ is reminiscent of black slaves on their journey to America or, perhaps, of slaves in ancient Rome or Greece. And yet, despite the fact that slavery had formally been abolished at the end of the nineteenth century in most countries, it still remains an inherent part of modern life.

In 2023 it still consists of a large group of people. For more than 50 million individuals worldwide, freedom does not exist. People are still being exploited and traded as commodities.

In the first place, this issue concerns people who end up working as slave labour in all economic branches, including clothing, fishing, agriculture, construction, transport and catering industries. This form of slavery has many connections to Western companies and, often, it actually occurs in Western countries. In addition, in all European countries, the sex industry makes abundant use of so-called sex slaves.

This book will give you a glimpse of what slavery looks like today.

About the Author

During his professional life Guido Cuyvers was affiliated with a university college Thomas More), department of social work, as a lecturer, researcher, and head of the department. He studied criminology, sexology, and philosophy. He holds a doctorate in criminology with a study on the victims of crime. His research mainly takes place in the field of gerontology and elderly care, with a focus on the social inclusion of aging people. As coordinator of that research domain of gerontology, he founded the Flemish Research and Knowledge Centre Third Age (VONK3).

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ISBN: 9781592113309
ISBN-10: 1592113303
Publisher: Vita Histria
Publication Date: November 26th, 2023
Pages: 270
Language: English