Resilient and Sustainable Caring: Your Guide To Thrive While Helping Others (Paperback)

Resilient and Sustainable Caring: Your Guide To Thrive While Helping Others By Karen Schuder Cover Image
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Resilient and Sustainable Caring - Your Guide to Thrive While Helping Others

Resilient, sustainable caring requires intentionality. This book provides guidance and practical strategies to thrive while helping others. Grounded in values and purpose, we promote our best, balanced selves. As we make the path of helping others wide enough to include self-care, we see more beauty along the way and recover more quickly from challenges. We also decrease anxiety and increase supportive community. All of this means we journey longer and feel happier in our personal and professional helping roles.

Caregiver resilience and sustainability is not a solo adventure. We influence and are influenced by the people whose journeys intersect with our own. Helping work often involves families and teams, so the book offers ways to increase group resilience and sustainability. Resilient and Sustainable Caring is grounded in research, social theories, and decades of experience to provide sound, practical guidance.

Resilient and Sustainable Caring represents more than thirty years of learning and experience on how to navigate the demanding journey of helping others. Karen's doctoral research on ethics and professional development neatly align with literature on countering burnout and compassion fatigue. Her work and training in countering compassion fatigue, conflict mediation, grief, leadership development, organizational culture, and cultural differences provide a solid foundation for her program.

Take this journey to promote your best, balanced self and help others do so too. Honest conversations about challenges and strategies are a great way to develop a supportive community with other helpers. Go through the book with colleagues or friends using the discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

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ISBN: 9781570253720
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Publisher: Whole Person Associates
Publication Date: October 31st, 2022
Pages: 256
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