The World According to Dogs: An Owner's Manual (Paperback)

The World According to Dogs: An Owner's Manual By Adrian Raeside Cover Image
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A unique look inside the mind of the family pet from bestselling cartoonist Adrian Raeside.

We humans spend an awful lot of time thinking, talking and writing about dogs--and watching funny dog videos online. But have we really figured out these strange, hairy creatures that have invaded couches and beds around the globe? Fortunately, The World According to Dogsis here for you, sharing your pet's unvarnished opinions about what you don't really get about them. It turns out that dogs have a sense of humour when it comes to human antics and are willing to open up about the many ways we've got them all wrong.

Helpfully translated from Dog to English by bestselling cartoonist Adrian Raeside, The World According to Dogscovers such worthy topics as dog breeds (complicated), new puppies (cute but destructive), accessorizing your dog (don't do it) and the many, many uses of the humble dog biscuit. With over one hundred dog cartoons and lighthearted accompanying text, this Rosetta Stone of retrievers will give both those with a new puppy and the most experienced dog people some helpful tips for improving their human-canine relations along with lots of laughs.

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ISBN: 9781550179699
ISBN-10: 1550179691
Publisher: Harbour Publishing
Publication Date: March 22nd, 2022
Pages: 128
Language: English