Texas' Pure Rose (Texas Rangers #1) (Paperback)

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Have you ever been compelled to do a job that you absolutely did not want to do for any reason, and then the very thing you never expected to happen does? Texas Ranger Chet Dulaney, fearless and considered the 'lone wolf' of the Texas Rangers is forced to do this very thing. No outlaw or criminal is too dangerous or group of outlaws too many for Ranger Dulaney to handle alone and bring to justice. Most outlaws take one look at the cold, deadly gaze of Ranger Dulaney and decide they do not want to face Ranger Dulaney and his deadly fast draw; the others are buried in boot hill. A man of great strength and integrity trembles at the thought of the assignment thrust upon him. Can he do the job? The victim, Samantha Rose Johnson, daughter of Senator Thomas Johnson, is kidnapped by the worst outlaw and used as a weapon to make the Senator resign. Will Chet's contempt for women interfere or help in rescuing Samantha even though he begs not to have the assignment that makes him tremble inside and his blood run cold? Will Chet change his attitude toward women and will Samantha's fiery disposition hinder her rescue or bring greater threats to her? Samantha has auburn hair, green eyes and a temper to match. Blackie Boyd has never met a lady like her and does not know what to do when she stands up to him and his gang calling them 'mongrel dogs'. This is a fun, action-packed, suspense story full of humor, suspense, and romance.

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ISBN: 9781546816690
ISBN-10: 1546816690
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: May 30th, 2017
Pages: 470
Language: English
Series: Texas Rangers