Look Into My Eyes: Asperger's, Hypnosis and Me (Paperback)

Look Into My Eyes: Asperger's, Hypnosis and Me By Dan Jones Cover Image
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Look Into My Eyes is an absorbing and fascinating autobiography that offers rare insight into the workings of the autistic mind. Using illuminating anecdotes that are both inspirational and informative Dan takes the reader on a chronological journey of discovery from early signs he was autistic as a baby and toddler through to what it was like to be an autistic teen and adult and his impact on his parents, family and others around him, finally ending with a chapter by his wife about life being married to an autistic individual.

Through brutal, and at times, shocking, honesty Dan exposes a deeper explanation of autistic behaviours that can at times appear mystifying or extreme and what can be done to help the autistic person cope with challenges they face while nurturing their strengths. He shares the mental processes he goes through to handle social and new situations, the difficulty he has handling sudden change, and the obsession he has to learn how to fit in and understand others.

Dan shares his thoughts and experiences across a wide range of topics including; his love of nature and being underwater, social interactions, quest for knowledge, panic, anxiety and depression, discrimination, role-models, challenges and strengths of being autistic, employment, and school.

Look Into My Eyes has been described by readers as:

"Inspirational and informative"

"Brutally honest... shocking... I think everyone should read it"

"This is a fascinating book...A rare gift for anyone interested in the subject"

"Wonderful insight...like viewing the world through his (Dan's) eyes...allowed me to not only identify my own challenges with AS but also my son's way in the world"

"I could not put it down...I kept thinking 'this is like...reading about our life'...I would highly recommend reading it"

"The raw detail of daily life for Dan Jones with Asperger's is detailed so finely that it takes you into Dan's world and into his head. It opens up the world of everyone with Asperger's and will hopefully prove a turning point for those either struggling with the condition themselves or parents and friends of 'Aspies'."

"This is a book of great positives"

"Deep and insightful"

"A must read for all and a definite for anyone wanting an understanding of autistic spectrum conditions and those seeking tips and guidance into how to support family or friends who display the traits of autistic spectrum conditions."

"A fascinating view of life as a toddler, troubled teen and awkward adult living with Aspergers"

As well as being autistic Dan Jones has also spent much of his working career supporting autistic individuals, their families, friends, teachers, employers, and other involved professionals. Throughout the book Dan shares his professional knowledge around what can be done to help the autistic individual from seeking diagnosis through to social skills and handling situations, as well as his personal experiences.

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