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Meet Maybelle Herndon. Her parents died when she was just a youngin', so she was raised by her neighbors Jim and Pearl Blake. They raised her like she was their own and she turned out to be an incredibly gorgeous young school teacher who enjoys children so much that she wanted to have some of her own.

It pained her deeply to know that she couldn't marry and have her own children in her profession, so, with the Pearls' blessing, she decided to set out on a search to find Mr. Right. She ends up setting her affections on Algernon Haskins, a Trail Boss in Grass Valley, California and agrees to marry him.

There were a few tense moments along the ride to Grass Valley, but it all settled down once she made it safely to the town. The wedding ceremony was all going along well until she noticed something about her groom that made her heart quake with fear

Was it a wise thing for her to leave her profession and marry?

What happened on the trip to Grass Valley that caused Maybelle to become tensed?

After the wedding ceremony, what was it about her groom that sent waves of fear throughout her body?

Come and find out what happens next with Maybelle in this old West Adventure. You will have an adventurous time hanging out with the spunky Maybelle and the landlady Betha. Sheriff Tawney is sure to keep your attention with his handsome looks and the quick draw of Algernon will keep you entertained and always expecting the unexpected.

There will be a few bumps along the road and be careful because everyone you meet is not somebody you can trust in the Wild West Come along for the ride and be sure to have yer six-shooter with ya' because I reckon you may need it once things get heated

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Katie Wyatt's Clean and Wholesome novel American mail order bride historical Western book romance series are enjoyment for all ages.

About the Author

Katie Wyatt is born and raised in Arizona. She is 25% American Sioux Indian. She has traveled and camped extensively through California, Arizona, Nevada, Mexico, and New Mexico. Looking at the incredible night sky and the giant Saguaro cactus, she has dreamt of what it would be like to have lived in the early pioneer times. She has spent time with the great-grandson of Wyatt Earp. Mesmerized by the stories he would tell of his great-grandfather times and events. This historical interest in the old West is the inspiration for her Western romance novels. Her books are a mixture of actual historical facts and events and sometimes people mixed with action and humor, challenges and adventures I recommend them for anybody who enjoys an excellent feel good clean romance story.

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