How Long Do Rabbits Live?: You'll Never Look at Rabbits the Same Way Again (Paperback)

How Long Do Rabbits Live?: You'll Never Look at Rabbits the Same Way Again By Kerry Greener Cover Image
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'How Long Do Rabbits Live?', is a complete, easy to read, pet rabbit longevity reference book with potential Lifespan Calculator & Human Years to Rabbit Age Conversion Chart.

It includes: Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations, Quick Tips, Check Lists, Full Breed Database, Genetic Descriptions, Unique Research, Scientific Studies, and Reader Stories from Experienced Rabbit Owners and Breeders Worldwide.

Learn the 7 'lifespan factors' of pet rabbit longevity, plus discover how long YOUR rabbit will live

  • Find out why SIZE matters and understand how to control your rabbit's weight.
  • Learn how to get a fussy bunny to eat the right foods and find out about the two crucial ingredients in a rabbit's diet.
  • Discover some huge surprises most rabbit owners don't know.
  • Understand why and how a rabbit's body is so unique.
  • Learn how to lower the risk of disease and practically eliminate vet bills.
  • Discover how CUTE is good, and UGLY is bad.
  • Realize the biggest irony in the rabbit fur industry.
  • Find out why the origin of birth is vital in age prediction tests.
  • Learn how environment effects health, happiness and lifespan.
  • Get great tips on how to eliminate anxiety and boredom related aggression.
  • Know why rabbits fight and how good bonding is easier than you think.
  • Identify the pros and cons - House Rabbit Vs Outdoor Bunny.
  • Learn why a group of rabbits is just like a pop band
  • Discover 12 amazing insights to achieving blissful, age defying bunnies
  • Determine how long YOUR rabbit will live with the unique Longevity Calculator.
  • Learn the ALL the action steps necessary to change your rabbit's lifespan for the better
This book promises you will never look at rabbits the same way again 'How Long Do Rabbits Live?' answers the widely popular question asked by 200,000 + monthly readers of the community. The answer to this question is superbly presented in this publication. Enjoy discovering how this cotton-tailed coney has successfully made its way in to our hearts and homes, and has deservedly become Britain's (if not the world's), third most popular domestic pet. You will also bear witness to the answer, of the biggest question most rabbit owners ask at some point during ownership of their cute little companion pet... "How Long Will MY Rabbit Live?"

About the Author

Rabbits have always played an important part of Kerry's life, since a very early age, but her Web site, retail business, successful Limited company and subsequent books were never in her wildest dreams. Having a father that worked for the British M.E.T. office, she travelled to a different equatorial island every two years. An absolute dream for anyone, but this short-term paradise-living came at a price - NO PETS! So from the age of three, the idea of owning a rabbit, a real rabbit, was just a dream. Kerry's first pet rabbit was finally a reality at the age of seven, but after a series of very unfortunate events, her beloved 'Snowy' was dead. A valuable lesson learned, and the knowledge she gained through that incident and many others like it, Kerry shares in this book. Why not join Kerry and thousands of inspirational community members at, where experienced and newbie rabbit enthusiasts come together to share and discover how easy and fun it is to raise pet rabbits in a modern way. With in-depth overviews and advice on breeds, housing, health and diet, plus recommended products and services in-store, and free information downloads galore!

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ISBN: 9781523709977
ISBN-10: 1523709979
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: February 14th, 2016
Pages: 360
Language: English