The Ray Peat Survival Guide: Understanding, Using, and Realistically Applying the Dietary Ideas of Dr. Ray Peat (Paperback)

The Ray Peat Survival Guide: Understanding, Using, and Realistically Applying the Dietary Ideas of Dr. Ray Peat By Joey Lott Cover Image
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Trying to Survive on Milk, Gelatin, Orange Juice, and Coffee?

Is it working for you? If not, there may be a better approach. You've likely come across the work of Ray Peat after many adventures in other dietary dogmas. You struggled with those and kept searching for another way. You thought you found it with Peat...but then you turned into a "Peatarian." The fact is, there's no such thing The Ray Peat Survival Guide will sort you out and remind you why you got interested in this guy in the first place. After all, you're trying to escape all those crazy diets, right?

The Internet Has Lied to You

Interested in the work of this Ray Peat guy, but confused by what you've read on the internet? Have people on blogs and in forums made you believe that you have to avoid muscle meats and supplement with aspirin, but you're not sure you want to? The Ray Peat Survival Guide is here to help. Learn the basics of what Peat actually preaches, not the mixed up version you've heard everywhere else. Discover the answers to the following questions and more: What is the deal with starches and sugars? What about my thyroid? Should I be taking supplemental hormones?

Don't Turn This Into Another Diet

You've been down that road before. You wanted to be pure, perfect. You wanted everlasting health, but it just never worked out. You ended up sick and hungry instead. You thought following Ray Peat's advice would change all that, but you find yourself restricting foods and being overly dogmatic again. Well, it's time to chill out and read this book. Learn to let go of the struggle and finally be free. Ultimately, YOU are the authority.

Read this book today and get this easy to understand Peat information all in one place.

About the Author

"The secret to happiness is to let go of everything - see through every assumption." Beginning at a young age Joey Lott experienced intensifying anxiety. For several decades he lived with restrictive eating disorders, obsessions, compulsions, and an inescapable fear. By the time he was 30 years old he was physically sick, emotionally volatile, and mentally obsessed with keeping any and all unwanted thoughts and experiences at bay. At this time Lott was living on a futon mattress in a tiny cabin in the woods. He was so sick that he could barely move. He was deeply depressed and hopeless. All this despite doing all the "right" things such as years of meditation, yoga, various "perfect" diets, clean air, and pure water. Just when things were at their most dire, a crack appeared in the conceptual world that had formerly been mistaken for reality. By peering into this crack and underneath all the assumptions that had been unquestioned up to that moment, Lott began a great undoing. The revelation of this undoing is that reality is utterly simple, ever-present, seamless, and indivisible. Lott's books provide a glimpse into the seamless, simple, and joyous nature of reality, offering a glimpse through the crack in conceptual worlds. Whether writing about the ultimate non-dual nature of reality, eating disorders, stress, disease, or any other subject, he offers the invitation to look at things differently, leaving behind the old, out-grown, painful limitations we have used to bind ourselves in suffering. And then, he welcomes you home to the effortless simplicity of yourself as you are. Not sure where to begin? Pick up a copy of Lott's most popular book, You're Trying Too Hard, which strips away all the concepts that keep us searching for a greater, more spiritual, more peaceful life or self.

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