Army Doctrine Reference Publication ADRP 1 The Army Profession June 2015 (Paperback)

Army Doctrine Reference Publication ADRP 1 The Army Profession June 2015 By United States Government Us Army Cover Image
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This publication, Army Doctrine Reference Publication ADRP 1, The Army Profession, includes seven chapters and two appendixes. Chapter 1 discusses the nature of professions, explains why the Army is a profession, and introduces the essential characteristics of the Army Profession (trust, honorable service, military expertise, stewardship and esprit de corps). Chapter 2 provides the doctrine on the Army Ethic, including our shared identity as Trusted Army Professionals and our supporting roles as honorable servants, Army experts, and stewards of the Army Profession. The chapter includes discussion of the moral-principles that guide our decisions and actions in conduct of the mission, performance of duty, and all aspects of life. Chapter 3 describes trust as the foundation of our relationship with the American people who rely on the Army to ethically, effectively, and efficiently serve the Nation. Within the Army Profession, trust is the organizing principle that supports cohesive teamwork. The Army Profession develops Soldiers and Army Civilians to exercise mission command in honorable service in defense of the Nation. Chapter 4 discusses honorable service, an essential characteristic of the Army Profession, as support and defense of the Constitution, the American people, and the national interest in a manner consistent with the Army Ethic. Chapter 5 describes military expertise as an essential characteristic that provides ethical design, generation, support, and application of landpower, primarily in unified land operations, and all supporting capabilities essential to accomplish the mission, in the right way, in defense of the American people. Chapter 6 recognizes that stewardship, an essential characteristic, is the responsibility of Army Professionals to strengthen the Army as a profession and to care for the people and resources entrusted to us by the American people. Stewardship provides for the long-term readiness and resilience of our people and organizations. Chapter 7 provides a discussion of esprit de corps, an essential characteristic of our profession that denotes our collective ethos of camaraderie within cohesive teams. Esprit de corps is embedded in the Army culture of trust and is carried on through customs, courtesies, and traditions. Appendix A expands on the discussion of the Army culture. Appendix B restates the oaths, creeds, and norms of conduct. As trusted Army professionals-Soldiers and Army Civilians-we are honorable servants of the Nation, Army experts, and faithful stewards of the people, other resources, and profession entrusted to our care. By our oath, we are morally committed to support and defend the Constitution. This duty requires a foundation of trust with the American people, reinforced as the Army Profession contributes honorable service, military expertise, and stewardship with courageous esprit de corps. Within the Army Profession, Army professionals earn and sustain trust by demonstrating character, competence, and commitment. We make right decisions and take right actions that are ethical, effective, and efficient.

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