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By Jack London, Mint Editions (Contribution by)
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From the author of the classic novel Call of the Wild, Jack London's Smoke Bellew features a vivacious depiction of a gold rush adventure. Christopher Bellew, more commonly known as Kit, lives a comfortable life in San Francisco. He writes daily for a paper and his inherited wealth promises to keep him well-off for a long while. Still, Kit cannot help but feel complacent. As a young man, he has not completely figured out what he really wants in life. Because of this, Kit is happy to help when his uncle and cousins ask him to accompany them to the Alaskan Gold Rush. While Kit has no plans of staying with his uncle and cousins, he agrees to help them carry the many provisions required for such a journey. Each loaded with heavy supplies, Kit, his uncle, and his cousins begin their trek through the Yukon territory. Embarking on a journey into the rough Alaskan wilderness, the group must hike through mountains, rapids, icy lakes, and the biting cold of the Alaskan weather. It is more difficult than anything Kit has ever had to accomplish, but something in the bitter Alaskan wind calls to him, and he feels more alive than ever. Choosing to abandon his San Franciscan life, Kit fights to prosper in the Yukon territory, learning to love and starting grow into adulthood.

Described as one of the hidden gems of Jack London's literary career, Smoke Bellew surprises each reader with vivid description and wonderful action, feeding an uneasily quenched sense of adventure. Smoke Bellew is a collection of stories, all connected and featuring the same main character, allowing audiences to witness Christopher "Kit" Bellew's journey to adulthood. With elements of romance and comedy, this adventure novel caters to many. London's Smoke Bellew portrays a romantic portrait of the gold rush, both entertaining and educating readers on such an exciting and unique time in history.

This edition of Smoke Bellew by Jack London features a new, eye-catching cover design and a modern font, creating an approachable reading experience for a contemporary audience.

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ISBN: 9781513270227
ISBN-10: 1513270222
Publisher: Mint Editions
Publication Date: January 19th, 2021
Pages: 238
Language: English