Sheriff Husband and Deputy Wife: Book #3 of Schoolmarm Sheriff (Paperback)

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The final book of the Trilogy Schoolmarm Sheriff, Sheriff Husband and Deputy Wife begins five years after book #2 My Husband's Dead Wife Lives left off. Colin and K. C. investigate the fire that burned down the Quebedeaux Hotel, claiming the lives of the owners: Amelia and Jean-Paul Quebedeaux. With their deaths, their three children become part of the McMaster household. Between the addition of the three grown and nearly grown young people, and the grief over the loss of Amelia and Jean-Paul, each member of the McMaster household is tested in new areas. The idea of love verses value is pondered through it all. While trying to make this group of people into a family, Colin assigns parts of the Lord's Prayer to each member, holding each accountable for his or her part of the prayer. Will Colin's and K. C.'s marriage be strong enough to endure all of this? The nearly burned diary in the ashes of the hotel seems to suggest that it was in fact arson rather than some tragic accident that claimed the lives of Amelia and Jean-Paul. But who in Semper's Pass would do such a thing?

About the Author

While growing up, Sally used to watch westerns on T.V. with her dad. In these old westerns, the "good guy" always won in the end and was a hero. True, he/she usually went through trials, but good always triumphed over evil. No matter how bad the "bad" got, the good guy made a difference--for everyone. Along with westerns, Sally enjoys detective stories. She decided to blend these two together into a story about a blended family. Almost everyone she knows is either in a blended family, or is related to someone who is. The challenges that blended families face can make one think that there is no winning. But Sally believes wholeheartedly that with God's help, there is great hope and victory. She also enjoys comedy and so has included that in this story to lighten the hard parts. One thing about Sally is that she loves to laugh--and so do her characters.

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ISBN: 9781512175981
ISBN-10: 1512175986
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 6th, 2015
Pages: 240
Language: English