The Federalist Papers: Foundations of Our Nation (Paperback)

The Federalist Papers: Foundations of Our Nation By James Madison, John Jay, David E. Fritsche Th D. Cover Image
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Leaders of our nation gather from all of the states to work on the formations of our nation. They are learned men and students of history and philosophy. While Europe just evolved through history, becoming the end result of various forces, wars and conflict, The United States had an opportunity to consider all of the lessons of history and to decide what we wanted to be, what we should be and what we might become. This was a rare occurrence in which our becoming was not by chance or by reaction or by the right of kings. Ours was born of understanding, planning and the wisdom of philosophers. They labored hard to understand political principles and the nature of power. They reacted to the history they had experienced and studied. They were committed to invert the flow of power from government to the people, and place the power base with the people. It has worked well for over 200 years and holds promise of working for more, if we do not lose the principles on which we were founded.

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