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YO MAMMA YO MAMMA (The Best 150 Yo Mamma Jokes on the Planet (uncensored & censored)) + INSULTS INSULTS (The Best 150 Insults/Jokes on the Planet (uncensored & censored))Yo Mamma:

Best ever Yo Mamma jokes on earth. These are guaranteed to make you roll on the floor laughing. Tell these at parties and get-together's and be the star of the entertainment.

Here are a few:3.Yo mamma's so fat that people raise their hands and shout "Taxi " when she walks by in a yellow raincoat. 7.Yo mamma's so fat that the elevator can only go down when she rides. 8.Yo mamma's so fat that her pants had to be ironed in the driveway. 9.Yo mamma's so fat that people just had to go around her for a 15-minute exercise. 16.Yo mamma's so fat she has group insurance by herself. 20.Yo mamma's so fat she brought the bridge down when she went bungee jumping. 31.Yo mamma's so fat she is charged for group rates when she went to a buffet. 52.Yo mamma's so fat her feet doesn't get wet when she showers. 62.Yo mamma's so fat she doesn't a tailor, she needs a contractor.

Download now over 100 more of them Here Are Some More Yo Mamma Jokes Inside...
  • Yo Mamma's so fat...
  • Yo Mamma's so dumb...
  • Yo Mamma's so ugly...
  • Yo Mamma's so dark...
  • Yo Mamma's so old...
  • Much, much more

Gone are the days when formality and manners are mandatory. Today, a person's communication skills and charisma are highly dependent in his sense of humor. It may sound crazy, but jokes and insults are effective ways to gain control of social situations, but they must also be used with responsibility. With this being said, there has got to be a reason why you want to learn insults, but remember that your reason should never be to make someone else feel miserable; at least not for a very long time.

People use insults and jokes all the time. There are even social events arranged specifically so that people can throw insults at each other for entertainment. You may not necessarily be aiming to participate in such events, but insults can still be used to shut someone down. They can also lighten up dull and boring situations if used properly.

You'll have access to every type of insult; Insults for arrogant people, insults for stupid people, ugly people and more and much more. Here is a few:1.Did you know that your birth certificate is an apology letter from a condom company? 2.I bet your brain is expensive since it was hardly used 3.You're so stupid; you got hit by a car. It was parked 4.Your face is something only a mother could love. 5.Dude, your teeth are so yellow that when you smile, cars slow down. 6.Yo Momma's so fat that they even had to change "One Size Fits All" to "One Size Fits Most".

Download now over 100 more of them Here Are Some More Insults Inside...
  • One-liner Insults
  • Under the Belt Insults
  • Stereotype Insults
  • Handling Insults
  • "Yo Momma" Insults
  • Technical Insults
  • Much, much more
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