Warning: Professional Sports Don't Make Millionaires: A Fable Containing Proven Business Strategies for Athletes (Paperback)

Warning: Professional Sports Don't Make Millionaires: A Fable Containing Proven Business Strategies for Athletes By Millicent G. Callahan, Chris Fisher Cover Image
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In recent years, the devastating financial troubles of professional athletes have been well documented. Though many receive high paying contracts that are coveted by most, several athletes find themselves without money and much of a future past their playing days. Business Strategy Expert, Chris "Fish" Fisher, has identified one of the main causes to this growing epidemic, professional sports do not make true millionaires. "Warning: Professional Sports Don't Make Millionaires" futures the story of a rookie super star athlete, Dennis Ware, who recently was drafted to play professional basketball. For years, Dennis has dreamed of making it big as a professional athlete. Now that his dream is finally here, he enters a new lifestyle that he finds himself unprepared for. Joining Dennis on this journey is teammate turned mentor, Lance Pearson. Lance was fortunate enough to receive excellent guidance from wise mentors in the past. The many lessons he learned has allowed him to not only experience an iconic playing career, but also look forward to life after sports. Lance finds himself paying it forward by teaching Dennis critical lessons on how to excel in his playing career by incorporating a few proven business strategies to his game plan. Some of these lessons include The Millionaire Playbook: What They Do That Most Don't; How to bring V.A.L.U.E. to your Business Plan; Conquering the Traps of the Industry; Ballin' on a Budget: 12 Rules to Help You Excel at Budgeting; 10 Steps to Building a Power Team You can Trust; Developing a Solid Exit Strategy; And More. Join Dennis and Lance on this journey to find out if the rookie decides to accept or reject the coaching from the veteran player.

About the Author

Chris "Fish" Fisher Bio Chris "Fish" Fisher is the co-founder and Senior Managing Partner for Elite 35 Sports Institute. As a sought after keynote speaker, business strategist, experienced entrepreneur, and community leader, he teaches athletes and entrepreneurs proven business strategies by helping them identify opportunities and trends within their industry. As the author of "Warning: Professional Sports Don't Make Millionaires", Fish provides athletes with an innovative perspective on how to incorporate proven business strategies into their business game plan. Through this work, he not only identified key business constraints that athletes face within the sports industry, but he also provided solutions on how to combat the various predicaments. Fish, a Florida A&M University MBA, has a professional background that includes Director of Marketing for First Chronicles Business Management Firm, Director of Business Development for II (Two) Lane All Sports, Co-Founder and Owner of Sound Mind Properties, Co-Owner of A-Plus Events, and Assistant Athletic Director at FAMU Developmental Research School. In the midst of his various rolls, he also finds the time to continue to coach high school football in Dallas, Texas. Millicent G. Callahan Bio Millicent G. Callahan is the Founder and Director of Business Management for First Chronicles Business Management Firm. She has over 20 years of experience in the investment and financial services industry. Through this, she has had the opportunity to work as a Financial Adviser and Business Manager to professional athletes and entertainers for the past 15 years. Along with "Warning: Professional Sports Don't Make Millionaires", Millicent is the co-author of "Interview 1 On 1: The Look of an Executive", a step by step guide on how to become the person who captures the attention of the interviewer before answering any questions. She earned her series 6, 7, 24, 63, and, 65 (Registered Investment Adviser) investment industry licenses after she received her B.A. Degree from Dillard University in New Orleans, LA. Millicent also has received commendations from The California State Legislature and The U.S. House of Representatives. The United Chamber of Commerce recognized Millicent and her partner Stephen Callahan with the "Small Business of the Year" award, for their superb service to their community.

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