Dragons of the Seven Cosmic Seas of ME (Paperback)

Dragons of the Seven Cosmic Seas of ME By Staninger Hildegarde, Roberto Mentuccia Cover Image
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Each time I read this wonderful book by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger(R) and Roberto Mentuccia, I feel very deeply that I am never alone in the realms of the finite and the Infinite, as well as in time and the eternal.It is all Home Sweet Home and we are, each one of us, woven of these fine materials. This tale is told to us by these highly spirited Dragons, as they dance across these pages and through worlds of the formed and unformed, the seen and the unseen. Is it all just a fable? Not in this readers opinion For an extra thrill of a ride, try reading through this book like it's a treatise on an advanced physics. A new kind of physics, in which time and eternity, the solid and the unseen, light, love, poetry and mind are endlessly transforming into each other and are eternally of one piece. Rick Dubov, Artist Los Angeles, CA

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ISBN: 9781498485722
ISBN-10: 1498485723
Publisher: Crown Oak Press
Publication Date: October 31st, 2016
Pages: 50
Language: English