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Jeremiah By Kiersten Livingston
Jeremiah was a Jewish man who became Christian. Together with his wife, they moved to a small town and own a deli.
The deli eventually became a landmark of the town. He is known for his character and integrity among the citizens of Travis and sought out by travelers and tourists.
However, he then faced the temptation of great wealth coupled with the threat to his life.
Will he compromise and do what is right or take the easy way by giving in to the temptation and bowing to the threat?
Any man would be curious. Certainly after the events he'd witnessed today, he was. Any man would be tempted to learn the mysteries of the envelope. Jeremiah was no different. He battled within himself for quite some time before submitting to the temptation. He emptied its contents onto the table where he'd left his coffee mug. A single page letter slid onto the table along with a one hundred dollar bill. Its condition suggested it had held something more. It was wrinkled and had puckers here and there. He knew he shouldn't read the letter. He wasn't sure he wanted to know. Still, something was up. He was curious. So, he read the letter.

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ISBN: 9781491073322
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Publication Date: July 24th, 2013
Pages: 52
Language: English