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Although there has been a huge move towards digital cameras and mobile phones with cameras because of their obvious convenience, there is no doubt that prints produced in the darkroom still yield the best photographic quality. There is still a large contingent of photographers who prefer to develop and print their own images and it is for this reason that this book has been written. The book is based on over 20 years experience as a professional darkroom printer for black and white and colour hand printing. It is written and published by me and is not available anywhere else. The book contains no fluff or padding - just hard information. It tells you why things go wrong, how to avoid the problem in the future and how to cure the fault. It consists of a mass of reference information collected over this time and is designed to provide instant information in the darkroom whenever answers are required quickly. It is a book written by a darkroom professional for darkroom enthusiasts. Here is one of the many topics in the book that you may find useful: If filter adjustments are made that result in all three filters being used, an element of neutral density is formed which reduces the amount of light reaching the paper. This does nothing to change the colour of the light. It just increases the exposure time unnecessarily. It is recommended that neutral density be removed to keep exposure time to a minimum. Colour head is set to: 70 Y 50 M 10C Remove. 10 Y 10 M 10C Result. 60 Y 40 M 0C Use this result for your new filter settings to reduce exposure time Contents -Extensive fault finding charts for colour and black and white prints, negatives and slides -Fault finding charts on Ilfochrome classic prints -Comprehensive dilution tables -Push and pull development data for black and white and colour negatives and sides -Push and pull development tables -Exposure compensation tables -Colour cast correction charts -Multigrade Filter settings for most enlarger colour heads -Black and white processing -Colour slide processing -Colour negative processing -Cleaning negatives -Ilfochrome Processing -Elimination of neutral density from colour head filtration settings -Colour and black and white filtration correction -Colour paper batch filtration settings -Development tables including push and pull information -Darkroom data log to record your own information -Blank charts to log your own processing data -Blank tables for you to record your own experimental results -Mixing your own B&W chemicals -Chemical aids The book contains over 120 pages of packed information and data not obtainable in any other book. No more searching textbooks for ages trying to find information or where you have gone wrong or for how you can improve your results.

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