Teen Mental Health: An Encyclopedia of Issues and Solutions (Hardcover)

Teen Mental Health: An Encyclopedia of Issues and Solutions By Len Sperry (Editor) Cover Image
By Len Sperry (Editor)
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This encyclopedia provides a concise introduction to the mental health topics of greatest concern to adolescents. It offers young readers the information they need to better understand mental disorders and the importance of psychological well-being.

Addressing mental illness and prioritizing psychological well-being are important at any age, but the teen years present unique challenges. Hormonal changes, peer pressure, and the demands of school and a busy social life combined with many other factors put adolescents at high risk for mental health problems. Certain disorders, such as depression and anxiety, are particularly prevalent in this age group, as are risky behaviors like substance abuse, self-harm, and distracted driving. Today's teens also face uniquely modern threats to their psychological well-being, such as Internet addiction and social media-induced fear of missing out (FOMO). Yet there are also ample opportunities for adolescents to strengthen their mental health and resiliency through such practices as meditation, activism, and youth leadership.

Teen Mental Health: An Encyclopedia of Issues and Solutions is a ready-reference guide to the mental health topics that most affect the lives of American teens in the 21st century. Entries are accessibly written and feature extensive cross-referencing and helpful further reading lists. This volume also offers a collection of recommended resources, including a number of hotlines for teens in crisis.

About the Author

Len Sperry, MD, PhD, is professor of mental health counseling at Florida Atlantic University and clinical professor of psychiatry at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

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