What's Your Pregnant Man Thinking?: A Roadmap FOR Expectant & New Mothers (Paperback)

What's Your Pregnant Man Thinking?: A Roadmap FOR Expectant & New Mothers By Robert Garrett Rodriguez Cover Image
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Pregnancy won't be the same after reading What's Your Pregnant Man Thinking?. It presents the similarities and differences between expectant Moms and Dads. It explains that knowing these differences can produce a lasting relationship..that will endure for 50 years. This book describes the expectations, changing, challenging and sometimes baffling behaviors, of first time expectant fathers, a foreign and often misunderstood territory filled with myth and misunderstanding. What do men think about during the nine months of pregnancy? What are their concerns and worries? Are they worried about "real" things related to the birth of the baby? Why do some men stray from their relationship and have affairs during this time? Why do some men lose themselves in work, to old friends, hobbies, habits, and almost anything to avoid pregnancy which is when their partner needs them most. How can you detect and avoid your spouse or partner's destructive behavior? Are men more prone to violence with their partners during pregnancy? What changes in behavior are normal for fathers during pregnancy? How frequently do pregnancies result in separation or divorce? Are there early warning signs that a couple's relationship may be in trouble? How can you test and know the strength of your personal relationship? How can you make the pregnant relationship the best you've every enjoyed in your life? What's Your Pregnant Man Thinking? provides readers with a roadmap to understanding the windfalls and pitfalls of their new adventure of having a family. It will help every expectant couple understand their needs during pregnancy and give them a commanding lead toward achieving their dreams as parents. As every pregnancy begins with hope, Dr. Rodriguez fulfills this hope by opening new insights, encouraging tolerance, and providing an understanding of the signs and steps to follow for a blissful tomorrow. Studying the behavior of expectant fathers and couples for over 25 years, the author presents the yearnings, dreams, exploits, confessions, and challenges of expectant fathers during pregnancy. As he clearly writes, they feel deep emotions about the pregnancy. Couples feel deep emotions toward one another. They feel passion for their lives and futures. Each father and couple expressed the wish that they had known more about themselves, their expectations, and how to meet their partner's needs. What's Your Pregnant Man Thinking? grants their request.

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ISBN: 9781418491093
ISBN-10: 1418491098
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: February 3rd, 2005
Pages: 316
Language: English