The CBT/DBT Guide for Parents (Hardcover)

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Fighting to raise an emotionally independent child who is in control of their feelings and well set up for a bright future? Then read on...

Does your little one act out constantly, making you worry that they may not be able to handle the challenges life throws at them in the future?

Is your relationship with your child strained because they can't manage their emotions?

Are you desperate to help your child manage their anxiety, depression and worry, and look forward to a life filled with joy?

If your child is easily knocked by obstacles and has a hard time bouncing back from setbacks, gives up quickly, or melts down easily, you may worry about them succeeding in a high-pressure, competitive world.

When children have difficulties self-regulating, they may have difficulty interacting with both peers and family members.

This can affect their academic achievement, but it may also prevent them from experiencing the carefree childhood you wish for them.

Travel into the world of childhood experiences, thoughts, and feelings, and learn how you can help your child take control.

The workbook - reinforced by interactive worksheets and exercises - will empower you and your child with scientifically-proven coping techniques that you can return to at any time.

In this carefully curated emotional toolbox, you'll discover:

  • How to raise a self-aware child who is equipped to manage their emotions, both now and into adulthood
  • An age-by-age guide to helping kids understand and regulate their thoughts and feelings to change their behaviors
  • How to equip your child with the skills they need to brace for any challenge life throws their way
  • The key to raising loving kids and bringing family members closer together for a happy home
  • How to help your child take control of their life and focus on their inner power for enhanced grit and resilience
  • How to free your child from the negative thought patterns, encourage positive thinking, and resolve distressing feelings
  • A structured psychological approach to helping your child face their fears, overcome their worries, and enjoy a carefree childhood
  • Child-friendly worksheets, exercises and activities you can do together to enhance understanding and bond as you work

And so much more

You can give your child a solid foundation for a happy, successful life... no matter how out-of-control they seem right now.

Written for you, a regular parent who wants the best for your child, this guide offers simplified steps to cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and emotional intelligence.

Discover a unique approach to teaching and practicing these skills with your little one, and watch as your bond grows throughout the whole process.

If you want to help your child face their fears, understand their emotions, and enjoy a happy childhood, then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button right now.

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