The E-Collar Dog Training Bible: The All-Inclusive Guide, Including Specific E Collar Training For Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Labrador Retri (Paperback)

The E-Collar Dog Training Bible: The All-Inclusive Guide, Including Specific E Collar Training For Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Labrador Retri By Andy Howell Cover Image
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How Can This One Simple Item Train Your Dog 3x Faster? Read on.

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With a new dog or one with ongoing behavioral issues, fast and effective obedience training is a priority.

But what is the best program for your dog?

Most obedience training simply consists of demonstrating the expected behavior and consistently reinforcing it. This will can get the desired behavior, but there is a problem.

Too much canine behavior that requires reinforcement is missed. This inconsistency confuses your dog and allows the bad behavior to persist.

As a result, your dog's training will take much longer than necessary, if it takes at all.

What if the answer wasn't the training method itself, but something you added in to complement the training?

This proven product allows to you reinforce your dog's behavior more frequently even when you're not near your dog. It also allows you to modify the reinforcement to appropriately match the severity of your dog's behavior.

E-collars are highly effective, but to work properly, they need to be used correctly, in conjunction with other training methods. This book shows you how.

Effective training incorporates traditional methods such as verbal commands to demonstrate and reinforce appropriate behavior. The e-collar can be incorporated to remind your dog when they are straying from appropriate behavior.

Even celebrities such as actress Eva Mendes publicly admits that she uses this magical tool to maintain a healthy and loving relationship with their fluffy four legged friend.

The book outlines different training techniques for your dog depending on your goals and where your dog is in their development. It's also full of stories and cases to give you real-life context for training your dog with an e-collar.

You ́ll discover:

  • How to fit and use the e-collar correctly
  • Training basics and programs to teach your dog appropriate behavior
  • Techniques for using the e-collar to discipline your dog and reinforce good behavior
  • Advanced training methods for goals beyond obedience
  • Breed-specific advice for using the e-collar optimally
  • Common mistakes made with the e-collar and how to avoid them
  • Answers to frequent questions about using the e-collar appropriately and effectively

Some dog owners are concerned that the e-collar can be painful or stressful for their dog. The settings allow you to adjust the strength of the stimuli to make sure it's effective but not uncomfortable.

The e-collar can also seem a little intimidating at first. While there are only two components to the system, the best settings and techniques for effective use are not immediately clear.

This book clears up any confusion, giving people the confidence to start using the e-collar for their dog. The e-collar very quickly becomes second nature for the owner and their dog.

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