Listen to the Birds (Paperback)

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Listen to the Birds is a story of betrayal, set on the continent of Antarctica, bare of ice following a catastrophic melt of the ice caps. Intrigue reigns as president John Barrous battles political threats and clashes with his nemesis, and former lover, Lowry Walker. The final novel of The Melt Trilogy weaves a complex tale of treachery and loss, questioning who we are as humans and our relation to the Earth.


Antarctica was a cruel mistress--both physically and mentally--her harsh winters and long months of darkness barely dented by the reflected sunlight from the grid of satellites. But living on a knife's edge invigorated the soul. In Antarctica, life was precious in its tragic drama.

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ISBN: 9780999121047
ISBN-10: 0999121049
Publisher: K.E. Lanning
Publication Date: April 4th, 2019
Pages: 264
Language: English