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For over two hundred years in England, the name Anderson was associated with power and wealth. Albert Anderson, at twenty-one years of age, was the future heir of the Anderson fortune, and like his ancestors before him, his early years were spent sowing wild oats. That is until his grandfather asked him two simple questions, "What are your goals in life?", and "What are your dreams for the future?" Astounded, young Albert could not answer, nor did he know. The next few days, though, would change his life forever. Would he continue to let himself be used by his conniving mother or step into the long line of fortune makers? Or something altogether different? You may be astounded at his decision. This is the life story of young Albert.

About the Author

Life started for me in a south Louisiana lumber mill settlement in the Atchafalaya Basin. When I was ten years old, the mill closed its doors, and my family moved to Livingston Parish. While a part of my heart will always be in Louisiana, my wife, Dolores, and I now live in the beautiful State of Tennessee. We spent at least a year searching for the perfect place. When we found the Tennessee property, with a tobacco barn we could convert to a home, a beautiful holler and a cave, well we knew we were home. Some people are born to write and tell stories, inspired by places like the swamps of Louisiana and the hills of Tennessee, and are aware of the desire at an early age. Those individuals seem to be blessed with a special gift. Others, like me, wait for years to take up a pen and start to write. At the age of seventy-five I was encouraged by my family to write a story after telling them about one of my dreams. My wife and daughters were fascinated by the people, places and details in my dream and thought it was a story to be shared. I struggled with the first few chapters and wanted to give up the effort as a lost cause. Not being one to give up on a task because it's difficult (some may call that stubbornness), I muddled through and as I did, I began to enjoy this new found thing in my life - writing! I finished writing my first story, "Lamb's Creek", in six months and the second, "Bill and Tater", in even less time. Writing has become a part of my daily routine, and my mind is filled with stories I want to tell.

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ISBN: 9780997106114
ISBN-10: 0997106115
Publisher: Dog Pound Press
Publication Date: August 19th, 2017
Pages: 238
Language: English