The Light (Paperback)

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Dan Branson, an Air Force veteran of the Gulf War, is attracted by a bright light flashing from a location high in Oregon's Cascade Mountains. He makes the decision to ride into the mountains and search out the source of the flashing light. He is startled when a beautiful woman, claiming to have come from up above tells him of her mission to provide the Earth's scientists with knowledge of long-forgotten laws of physics. He mistakenly believes the woman, who calls herself, Angie, to be an extraterrestrial. Having become a Christian at a young age, he is defensive of her presence and her claims. Reluctantly, he listens intently, as she seeks his support and participation to assist her in her quest. She states that she intends to provide mankind with the tools to save the planet from self-destruction. Dan, also convinced that society is on a self-destruct course, shares his spiritual beliefs as well as his philosophy. He is wary of her, but believes in the mission. He recalls his commitment to the Lord and his mission to serve mankind. Ultimately, he accepts the challenge to join her. Dan experiences opposing forces and unexpected challenges, including several attempts to eliminate him and thwart his efforts to complete the mission. Angie eventually reveals herself as Angelo, one of God's angels, who had taken on the form of a woman. The challenging story, filled with humor, danger and intrigue, compels the reader to follow the exciting saga to its dramatic conclusion.

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ISBN: 9780983557128
ISBN-10: 0983557128
Publisher: Carpenter's Son Publishing
Publication Date: July 22nd, 2011
Pages: 267
Language: English