Fields Beyond Your Site (Paperback)

Fields Beyond Your Site By Ethel Erickson Radmer Cover Image
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Everything is a field. A field is everything. The entirety of the field is forming from the beginning of non-ending time, as in the first Big Bang. Or, if it went on forever in the past, at any one of the Big Bangs. A Big Bang will eventually, through billions of years, cycle into dissipation and annihilation and then, with unknowns, start all over again. With no beginning because cycling has been going on forever in the past, and it continues to go on forever. We can only try to imagine this with our gift of a modicum of intelligence. If, as most say, there was one big bang that had a beginning - and will, after 14 billion years, have an end where it seems to dissipate to nothing, finality, it raises one big question. What was there before the Big Bang and what is there after the complete annihilation of all matter in the cosmos. It is like 'the other side of the veil.' You get to the other side and then ask, "What is on the other side?"

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ISBN: 9780965118286
ISBN-10: 0965118282
Publisher: Euphonia Publishing, North Carolina
Publication Date: January 15th, 2023
Pages: 198
Language: English